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You are not who you think you are. There is much more to you and your world. Each of us has come into this lifetime to expand our consciousness and find our true place in the evolution of man. 

In Regaining Who You Are you will discover why you are here and what you are being asked to heal in this lifetime. You will come to know that programs and beliefs ultimately run our lives and that your thoughts and emotions can create havoc and chaos in your world. Gratitude, Forgiveness and Letting Go are some of the tools to help you gain understanding of the importance of your soul in your healing journey.

Using her training and her own experience, along with insights, practices and meditations, Cindy welcomes you to your own journey of self-discovery and being able to heal parts of yourself that have been buried and hidden for what could seem like forever. 

Authentic, caring and gentle in its message, this book will guide you to knowing your Higher Self and being an active part of the Universe and God. 


“Regaining Who You Are”, by Cindy Matychak, is an insightful resource that simply distills a message of hope and empowerment: The Message of Finding Yourself. Cindy takes the reader on a journey of self-discovery, and this journey will awaken parts of your being that have perhaps long been asleep. As we discover ourselves, this will shift our mindset, optimize our outcomes, and boost our emotional wellbeing, all while making us more effective, more successful, and more empowered. Cindy’s amazing work here is a natural starting point. Thank you, Cindy, for this inspiring resource and well-written contribution to an incredible topic which is so needed today!”

Abe Brown, MBA

International Best-Selling Author

President, Certified Coaches Federation

President and CEO, Wellness Innovate Corp

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